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 AOKPOWER (INTERNATIONAL) CO., LIMITED specialized in Research & develop and marketing for power supply products. Our company is mainly on Special Industrial Computer Power Supply, Power Adapter and Open Frame Power Supply same time development together. AKPOWER main products are MINI-ITX Power Supply, DC-ATX Power Supply, DC-DC Step-down Power Supply, Power Adapter, Car PC Power supply, Open Frame Power Supply, ATX Power Supply, Modules Power Supply, Digital Configurable Power Supply, and all other kinds of Industrial Power Supply. The products attained certifications for CE, FCC and so on. We have win a number of patented technologies and all of its patented technology to give industry. Our products are widely usefor : MINI PC, Business Terminal, home Appliances, Banking Terminals, Car automotive System, General Industrial Purposes, Test and Measurement System, Data Storage Systems, telecommunications Equipment etc. The products are mainly sold to China Mainland, Taiwan, Korea and other places in Europe and USA. Our company has a group of professional and high-quality talents. With excellent management team and ERP management platform, our company is the reliable partner of power supply to all manufactures and brands.

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